Why Use an Architect?

Your building project represents a major investment in time and money.

If it is a commercial building, it has the potential of affecting the well being of your company.

If it is to be your home, it will be your shelter, your retreat, your place to enjoy life.

Such a major committment deserves the attention and care only available by using an architect who is
trained to take your ideas and needs and transform them into a three-dimensional reality.

I'm about to build a new house.
What is the difference between an Architect and a "House Designer"?

An architect is a trained professional who has successfully passed the strict
requirements of his or her state, and who has been granted a license to practice as an architect.

Before granting an architectural license, most states require that the candidate do the following:


1. Complete a five or six year program at an accredited university


2. Work as an intern for three years in a registered architect's office


3. Successfully pass a comprehensive three day written examination


After being licensed, an architect must complete a minimum amount of continuing education every year.
A designer has no such requirements.

Only a registered architect may use the term "architect" as it applies to buildings.

A "house designer" is merely a person who calls himself or herself a house designer.

Why use William Patin?

We have over 36 years experience.

Mr. Patin is directly involved with each and every job in his office. Projects are not "handed off" to junior staff members.

We directly involve the client in the design process.

We listen to the needs of our clients.